About MovieLearning

MovieLearning is an appealing and effective way of learning that uses the power of movies.

MovieLearning offers you examples of inspiring human behavior from good feature films and documentaries. It encourages you to bring out the best in yourself and each other. The method shows us how we can unite as humanity and how we can celebrate our differences; MovieLearning gives examples of young and old, men and women and all cultures, from Japan to Brazil, Iceland to South Africa.

We have been using video clips in our training courses and lectures for many years. We also have years of experience creating online learning platforms for professional organizations that want to improve their (corporate) culture or to help their leaders and teams to further develop themselves.

We have expanded our learning method to online courses, making MovieLearning accessible to anyone who wants to improve their key social skills in areas such as leadership, collaboration, education and sustainability.

Good examples are both grand and subtle. Using the ‘micro-learning’ method, we elucidate step-by-step details of a behaviour or situation that would normally be hard to notice. This improves perception, so you are better able to learn new behavior. MovieLearning also reveals the bigger picture. It enables people to gain insight into, and experience the principles of human behavior and to discover how they can be used constructively.

MovieLearning also uses the educational power of metaphors. Examples that seem distant from you can actually be very illuminating and inspiring in your own learning process. Examples from one field are therefore sometimes even more educational in other fields.

The MovieLearning method is based on the narrative approach of the Double Healix model. This model makes people's development process observable by dividing it into a 12-step story. This enables you to recognize what phase you (or your team, your organization, your family or even the world) is currently in, and to anticipate the phases that will follow. The model can be applied to any development process, and it offers comfort and direction in difficult times.

In MovieLearning, the 12 basic principles of the Double Healix model are brought together; this way, we prevent examples from working unilaterally. Business, after all, should always go together with humanity and enthusiasm, boldness with reflection and patience, optimism with profound insight, release with change, and diversity with unity. This helps you better deal with dilemmas, reconcile apparent contradictions – ook between people – and be present, for yourself, for others and for what the world needs.

MovieLearning can be used independently of our training, as well as in conjunction with blended learning trajectories.

Our products, both online and live, are dedicated to the support and encouragement of: executives and team members; trainers, coaches and organizational advisers; educators and pedagogues; activists and social innovators.

The MovieLearning Foundation

The MovieLearning Foundation aims to promote an Ecology of Meaning through an interactive learning environment based on film footage and stories. In this way, MovieLearning promotes inclusiveness in thinking and acting, empathic scope and sustainability.

The MovieLearning Foundation uses the proceeds of deploying MovieLearning to wealthy organizations to develop MovieLearning for target groups and themes that lack funding, such as education and sustainability.

The MovieLearning Foundation works closely with Double Healix, which provides the training for the blended learning trajectories.

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