In MovieLearning courses, we guide the participant step by step through a specific topic. We offer courses on the most diverse subjects in the area of social emotional skills. Each course has fixed components that we explain below.


The basis of a MovieLearning course consists of film clips: clips from feature films, documentaries and television shows – short scenes in which a particular action, interaction or intervention is clearly visible. Each video has a description and several types of analyses have been added.

Video introductions

Many courses include video introductions from the trainer to give the participant additional information, for example by explaining a movie clip or theory.


Because an act, interaction or intervention often consists of several minor aspects, we often cut scenes into microclips. This reveals the slight but important eyebrow raise, the friendly hand gesture, or the specific word choice. Both verbal and non-verbal behaviors are potential learning materials.

Text Pages

Videos are alternated with text pages, where you can find general reflections, images, assignments and/or downloadable lesson materials.

Questions and Exercises

In order to analyze what a theme means in your life, team or organization, and to practice and internalize the learning material, we include reflection and knowledge questions and exercises.

Double Healix analyses

The subjects in the courses are analyzed and organized according to the Double Healix model. This means every subject is approached as an exciting story, in which contradictions and tensions are productive points of departure. This not only provides depth, but also overview.

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