Double Healix

The majority of MovieLearning courses is based on the narrative structure of the Double Healix model for human development. The model describes life as an exciting story with oneself as the main character, writer, viewer and, hopefully, also director. MovieLearning makes this approach feasible and practically applicable.

With its work and human development model, Double Healix wants to contribute to a world in which creative tension exists between the universal and the unique, in which the individual can come to the best possible self-actualization making it possible to optimally contribute to the larger whole.<br>Double Healix believes that in stories lies infinite wealth, and that every life course is a unique story that is unravelled in recognizable patterns. In this way, Double Healix strives for a society where inner development, meaningfulness and contributing to the greater good are among to the highest possible values.

The Double Healix courses we offer on MovieLearning can all be placed within the eight levels of development distinguished in the Double Healix model. The levels of development are logically linked, making it possible to gradually expand your knowledge across all levels of development.

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