Learning Platforms

In addition to online courses, we also build complete learning platforms for organizations. A custom-made learning platform is tailored to your needs, with videos, playlists and (custom) courses. A learning platform also has additional features that enable you to build a learning community.


Within a learning platform, it is possible to create open and closed groups, each with its own forum, video section and a place to share files. This way, each team and each theme group can create their own place of learning.


Do you want to make your own selection of film clips for a presentation or training? A playlist puts everything right at your fingertips. Give the best video presentations with a playlist on MovieLearning, and share it with others on the learning platform.


A learning platform offers community building opportunities – everyone can add videos and respond to each other’s videos. This enables different parts of an organization to get to know each other and discover what matters to different departments. This way you gain new insights together.

Courses on a learning platform

Learning platforms can be enriched by adding courses. These may be existing MovieLearning courses, but they could also be courses that we custom build on topics that are important to your organization. It is also possible for people from your organization to create courses themselves.

Tailor-made for you

MovieLearning builds exclusive custom-made learning platforms. These are fully tailored to your specific requirements, with videos, playlists and (custom) courses. These platforms are community-based, allowing users to support and inspire each other's learning.

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