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Terms & Conditions

Last update: June 22nd 2018

By agreeing to the set of terms and conditions as shown below, you (the user logging on to the MovieLearning Platform (Leeromgeving) website) declare that you will act fully in accordance with said terms and conditions. If you cannot agree to said terms and conditions, the MovieLearning Foundation will not give you access to the information and materials included in this site, nor will you be given permission to use these.

‘Information’ and ‘Materials’ refers to all film images, clips, trailers, artwork, stills, photographs and/or other press and publicity materials pertaining to films made available on movielearning.com.

1) MovieLearning accounts are personal and therefore you may not share your login details with other people. You are required to safeguard your login details from unauthorised others.

2) You can only be logged in to your MovieLearning account on one device at the same time. When you log in on a new device, you will automatically be logged out on the previous device.

3) The material offered on this website will remain the property of the distributor – or other rightful claimant - responsible for the distribution of the film, (tv) show, documentary or other format in question at all times.

4) The Material, the MovieLearning software and access to the MovieLearning Platform may not be sold, resold, transferred and/or provided by you to other parties in any other way.

5) The Material is solely intended to be used for educational purposes.

6) The Material may not be modified, adjusted or processed for use in any other way other than for the intended purpose, and you may not alter and/or omit the copyright statement or other names, logos and trademarks stated.

7) You may not download or store the Material in your own database.

8) The MovieLearning Foundation is allowed to alter the Material during the period of your subscription.

9) The Material may be used for as long as it is available on the MovieLearning platform.

10) When you have bought an online course and completed the payment process you will be granted direct access to the online course before the withdrawal period - as specified in the Distance Selling Act (Dutch Wet Koop op Afstand) - has passed. The right to withdraw based on the Distance Selling Act therefore is expressly excluded. This means that after payment it is not possible to receive a refund because after payment you can access the content of the online course immediately.

11) The price of a course or another product on MovieLearning can vary per learning platform. If you are a member of more than one learning platform, it is your own responsibility to investigate on which platform a product is offered against the lowest price. This means that after payment it is not possible to receive a refund for a product that is offered against a lower price on another platform.

12) You may only upload Material to the MovieLearning Platform (Leeromgeving) to which you have the full rights or for which you have acquired permission from the rightful owner of the Material. You are required to provide the following information for the Material that you upload to the MovieLearning Platform (Leeromgeving):

12a) The original source of the Material, including at least the title, the maker, the year of production and, if applicable, production company and director;

12b) An explanatory description stating the educational relevance of the Material, which ensures other users are able to learn from the Material.

12c) Material that you upload to the MovieLearning Platform (Leeromgeving) must conform to the educational purpose of the MovieLearning Platform (Leeromgeving). You will ensure that your own contributions to MovieLearning are always respectful, educational and of satisfactory quality.

12d) If you upload Material as a citation, you will ensure that the extent of the citation is justified in view of its purpose. Preferably, the citation will be shorter than three minutes or 5% of the original work.

13) Stichting MovieLearning Foundation does not grant permission in any way to screen videos from the MovieLearning platform publicly. When you intend to screen movieclips from the MovieLearning platform publicly it is your responsibility to acquire the right to do so.

14) The right to use the Material will be terminated immediately in case you are deprived of the right to access MovieLearning and/or if the information provided by you upon registration is not correct or no longer correct.

15) Additionally, Stichting Movielearning Foundation or the organization through which you have been granted access to the MovieLearning Platform (Leeromgeving) may deny your right to access the MovieLearning Platform (Leeromgeving) at any time in case you fail to comply with these terms and conditions.

16) Stichting MovieLearning Foundation is entitled to extend and/or adjust these terms and conditions in the interim at all times.

17) These terms and conditions replace all previous terms and conditions and/or written or oral undertakings between you and Stichting MovieLearning Foundation.

18) These terms and conditions are governed by the laws of the Netherlands.

19) Any disputes arising from the use of the MovieLearning Platform (Leeromgeving), the terms and conditions and/or from failure to comply with them will be adjudicated by the competent court in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.