Coaching in 12 Steps, the narrative approach

Learn to coach using the narrative psychology of the Double Healix model of human development and the Crossfire coaching technique.

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About this course

The narrative approach

·     Expand your coaching repertoire by means of the best film examples
·     Guide your client in finding a coherent life story
·     Help your client find balance between conflicting truths
·     Coach individuals and teams to optimal performance

This online course contains the best examples and analyses of coaching interventions sourced from carefully curated films and documentaries. You will be provided with film scenes that give examples of how to best coach a client or team. This will enable you to better tailor your coaching to the specific needs of your clients.

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Advantages of this course

Recognize patterns, gain insights and increase ownership

The course offers first-hand familiarity with the twelve most important types of coaching interventions. You will learn multifaceted coaching with narrative psychology. With this you can help clients to recognize patterns, gain insights and increase ownership of their own life stories.

Offer coherence and structure

The Double Healix model offers you as a coach a tool to structure your client's experiences and - where desired and possible - to place them in a more constructive narrative. The model gives clients coherent insight into their themes and scripts so they can feel more free in the choices they make.

Manage tension fields and help find balance

The Double Healix Crossfire coaching technique helps to find balance in inner and interpersonal tension fields. This technique helps practitioners to explore creative interventions.

Get to the core and the question behind the question faster

You will learn to ask deeper questions and unlock new insights, move beyond half-truths and help handle complexity.

Individual and team coaching: universal and unique

You will discover the different stages in the development of individuals and teams. On the basis of universal stories, you as a coach can learn to anticipate the possibilities of your clients. In this way you help them to break through stagnations, manage crises and make the connection between the universal story and their own unique story.

Strengthen your inner compass with the Double Healix model

Building on the work of mythographer Joseph Campbell (The Hero's Journey), the Double Healix model provides a map for personal development and the development of teams, organizations and society. In this model, core values are placed within fields of tension, avoiding half-truths. You’ll learn to recognize phases and levels of development, to handle paradoxes, to manage stress and to reconcile opposites where possible.

A range of coaching interventions

Among others, these interventions are addressed in the course:

·     Tailor interventions to the stage the client is at
·     Encourage and confront with compassion 
·     Balance influence and powerlessness
·     Cover up or open up
·     Balance self-control and spontaneity
·     Bring play and seriousness into reconciliation
·     Combine result orientation with principled courage
·     Broaden self-image and worldview in finding meaningful direction

Sources of inspiration

The term ‘coach’ is interpreted broadly in this course. The examples we show vary from coach, psychotherapist, consultant, (sports) trainer, team member and leader to educator, friend and partner. We give examples from various fields and invite you to translate them as metaphors applicable within your own practice. This helps you as a coach to recognize and use many sources of inspiration in your work.

In-depth and safe way of learning

Research shows that people learn new, desired behaviour best by first observing it. Through immersion in positive film footage (including analysis and reflection) the process is followed through by making the desired behaviour your own through practice. A good film offers easy engagement and at the same time sufficient emotional distance to make comparison between what’s displayed and one's own themes transparent.

Layout of the course

Module 1: Individual and Team Coaching
To offer a deeper insight into the different styles of individual and team coaching, we take you on a journey through the 12 phases of individual and team development. During this journey, we will address the underlying principle of each phase, the corresponding field of tension, including theme and form of defense. Through insight and practice in the 12 types of coaching interventions you will learn to better tune in to what the client needs at that moment in his or her life.

Module 2. The Double Healix Crossfire technique
To guide your client as a coach in enduring and handling dilemmas, we will discuss the Double Healix Crossfire technique in module 2. This gives you insight into the six fields of tension that play a role between the 12 phases in the universal human journey. With this technique you can ask better questions and help your client to be stronger in the midst of contradictory truths. The course offers you tools to handle more truth, both in your own life and in the life of your client.

About the authors

The course is developed by Double Healix, an international training team for leadership development that also designed the MovieLearning methodology. The Double Healix team consists of (organisational) psychologists, psychotherapists, educators, team supervisors, leadership trainers, managers and film experts.

Manfred van Doorn is the guiding force behind this course. He is a top executive coach, leadership trainer and film expert with more than 30 years of experience. He also has over 20 years experience as a psychologist/psychotherapist.



Can you take life seriously and, at the same time, see it as a story?

Life as a story

What is coaching?

Table of contents

Module 1

1. The 12 steps of coaching

This section consists of twelve paragraphs in which we discuss narrative psychology and the twelve steps of coaching. Each paragraph covers a phase in the story, the underlying principle, the central field of tension, the theme and forms of psychological defense. We then link these to the phase in individual coaching and team coaching. For each phase we give examples of interventions from films and documentaries.

Module 2

2. The Double Healix Crossfire coaching technique

This section is about a counseling technique that allows you to help clients see and experience their underlying dilemmas. The basis of the technique was developed in psychotherapy but it is also very effective in coaching, not only to increase insight and facilitate processing but especially to optimize the learning experience and to help strengthen the sovereignty of the client.

The Crossfire: Optimal learning in optimal stress

The centre of the cyclone

A barrel of contradictions

The added value of the Double Healix MAPS


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Anita Martens | Coach

Valuable course. Step by step you are taken along. The combination with the film footage works well.

Much to learn

Froukje Stam | Pedagogical coach

I enjoyed the course. Step by step you are taken along. Fine oral explanations, bits of text and beautiful film images. I find that this combination works well. Really gained new insights.

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