Transform your organization

It is the quality of the interactions between coworkers that determines whether an organization fulfills its mission. MovieLearning helps improve the quality of interactions. A common language arises and it becomes normal to discuss behavioral change in a positive way.


MovieLearning is used by organizations to show what is expected of coworkers in an appealing and effective way. The older, textual approach of describing competences or values leaves too much room for ambiguity. MovieLearning provides video examples in which specific behavior and role models are visible. In this way everyone can see and experience what is expected from each other.

Create a learning culture

MovieLearning offers a safe way to talk about behavior with each other. It makes coworkers more open to learn with and from each other in an inspirational and pleasurable manner.

Develop your organization

MovieLearning supports programs for the implementation of values, management development and cultural change

Get access to MovieLearning through Single Sign-On

Provide your employees with easy access to your organisations’ custom MovieLearning platform. MovieLearning is compatible with these SSO providers. Is your tool not yet included? Get in touch and we will make it happen.


The benefits of a learning platform

Community learning

A customized learning platform offers your organization its own place to work with videos especially selected for you. Everyone in your organization can participate. They can collaborate in online subgroups, engage in conversations and can upload videos themselves.

Give video presentations yourself

Do you want to make your own selection of film clips for a presentation or meeting? With a MovieLearning playlist you have everything at hand.

Courses on a learning platform

Courses can be added to a learning platform. These can be existing MovieLearning courses, but also custom-made courses on subjects that are specifically important for your organization.


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