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MovieLearning provides you with an in-depth learning experience based on powerful film footage on all aspects of human development, such as leadership, teamwork, education and sustainability.

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Below you can find a selection of the courses we offer. Each course takes you step by step on a journey through the subject. Plus, you also get to watch the most beautiful movie clips and zoom in on the behavior shown through micro-analyses, explanations, exercises and questions.

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Storytelling - Step by step

By Double Healix

This course is a training in the art of storytelling. The course is intended for people who wish to increase their impact on others, by being abl...

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Why MovieLearning?

We share stories all day long – increasingly in the form of videos and photos. We exchange our own experiences and share the adventures of others. We use each other’s knowledge in networks, both within and outside our organizations.

Modern man thinks visually. Images and videos support and transcend language; they appeal not only to our intellect, but also to our emotions and intentions. By using videos MovieLearning education has a deep impact. We are fully geared towards the modern way of learning, giving new meaning to a medium that was intended for entertainment. MovieLearning can be deployed in different ways: freestanding as an online learning environment, or as blended learning combined with live training and intervision.

Life as a story

Good stories have a universal structure. MovieLearning offers courses and trainings that follow this structure step by step. This is what makes MovieLearning education a logical and exciting experience.

The best examples

On MovieLearning you will find the best examples of human development from movies, television series, documentaries and current events. MovieLearning offers solely positive examples, because they directly help improve our behavior.


On MovieLearning we make Micro Analyses of videos. By dividing complex scenes into small pieces and analyzing them, we gain insight into even the fastest or most subtle interactions. This way even the smallest details become powerful learning material.

Learning Platforms

Do you want a learning platform for your own organization? MovieLearning also builds exclusive custom-made learning platforms. These are fully tailored to your needs, with videos, playlists and (custom) courses. A learning platform also has additional features:


Within a learning platform, it is possible to create open groups and private groups, each with its own forum, video section and a place to share files. This way, each team and each theme group can create their own learning hub.


Do you want to make your own selection of film clips for a presentation or training? A playlist puts everything right at your fingertips. Give the best video presentations with a playlist on MovieLearning, and share it with others on the learning platform.


A learning platform offers community building opportunities – everyone can add videos and respond to each other’s videos. This enables different parts of an organization to get to know each other and discover what matters to other people. This way you gain new insights together.

Courses on a learning platform

Learning platforms can be enriched by adding courses. These may be existing MovieLearning courses, but they could also be custom built courses on topics that are important to your organization. It is also possible for people from your organization to create courses themselves.

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MovieLearning built custom platforms for these organisations:

Double Healix

MovieLearning was developed by Double Healix. The mission of Double Healix is to encourage people to discover the richness, depth and beauty of life, working and living together in a meaningful and sustainable way. To achieve this, Double Healix connects personal development with social transformation toward a sustainable future.

Double Healix teaches you to work with tension-fields and reconciliatory forces that occur in every life, every work situation and every vision of the future. The Double Healix model is a narrative approach to human development. It represents a universal journey that encompasses twelve phases that each of us goes through many times in life, on every level of human development.

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